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head, swing arm pivot. Check wheel alignment
(Figure 23). Check for damage t o the frame and
suspension components.
2. Front suspension doesn 't damp-This
most often caused by a lack of damping oil in
the fork legs. If the upper fork tubes are excep-
tionally oily, it's likely that the seals are worn
out and should be replaced.
3 . Front suspension sticks o r won't fully com-
of the forks when the
wheel is installed can cause this. Loosen the
axle nut and the pinch bolt o n the nut end of the
axle (Figure 24). Lock the front wheel with the
brake and compress the front suspension
several times to align the fork legs. Then,
tighten the pinch bolt and then the axle nut.
The trouble may also be caused by a bent or
dented fork slider (Figure 25). The distortion
required to lock up a fork tube is s o slight that
it is often impossible to visually detect. If this
type of damage is suspected, remove the fork
leg and remove the spring from it. Attempt to
operate the fork leg. If it still binds, replace the
slider; it's not practical t o repair it.
4. Rear suspension does n o t damp-This
usually caused by damping oil leaking past
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Table of Contents

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