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the suspension parts and how they move
during rear wheel travel. Figure 98 is an
exploded view of the rear suspension. Table
28 lists Uni-Trak specifications.
1. Remove the rear wheel as described in this
2. Remove the engine sprocket as described
in Chapter Six of the main book.
3. Remove the seat and side covers.
4. Remove the left-hand air cleaner housing
as described in this supplement.
Remove the battery and its housing.
6. Remove the rocker arm pivot shaft nut
and the pivot shaft.
7. Remove the swing arm pivot shafts (the
shaft nuts cannot be removed unless the
engine is removed).
8. Remove the swing arm, rocker arm, tie
rod, shock absorber and drive chain as an
9. Installation is the reverse of removal. Note
the following:
a. Make sure the swing arm pivot shaft
nuts are in the correct position (A,
Figure 99).
b. Tighten all fasteners as specified in
Table 25.
c. Check and adjust the drive chain play
and the rear brake.
Inspection and Lubrication
I. Disassemble the suspension and wash the
sleeves, needle
bearings and
bearings in solvent.
2. Measure the OD of the swing arm sleeves
and the rocker arm sleeve. Compare with
Table 28 and replace any parts that are out of
3. Move the spherical bearings in the tie rod
to check for wear. If the bearings are loose or
if the outer portion of the bearing is thinner
than specified in Table 23, replace the tie rod
and bearing as a set.
4. Needle bearing wear is difficult to measure.
Visually check the bearings for damage,
excessive wear or the bluish tint that indicates
heat damage. If necessary, replace the bearing
and sleeve as a set.
5. Check the shock absorber for oil leakage;
replace it if leakage has occured. Extend and
compress the shock through its full range; it
should move smoothly and offer equal
resistance during both compression and
extension. Replace the shock if its condition
is doubtful.
nitrogen. R must be
disposed of properly. Do not incinerate
or attempt to disassemble the shock.
Take if to a dealer for safe disposal.
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Table of Contents

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