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6. Loosen both lower fork clamp bolts
(Figure 88). Loosen the steering stem head
bolt (Figure 89).
7. Completely loosen the upper stem locknut
(Figure 90).
If the steering was too tight, loosen the
lower stem locknut. If the steering was too
loose, tighten the lower stem locknut. Turn
the locknut 1/8 turn at a time.
9.When adjustment is correct, hold the lower
stem locknut to keep it from turning while
you tighten the upper stem locknut securely.
10. Torque the steering head bolt and the
lower fork clamp to specification. Recheck
the steering adjustment and repeat this
procedure, if necessary.
11. Install all parts previously removed.
Steering Stem
Bearing Lubrication
Several special tools are required for
If the inspection
procedures indicate the need for bearing
replacement, take the job to a dealer or
qualified mechanic.
1. Raise the front wheel off the ground;
support the motorcycle securely under the
2. Remove the fuel tank to protect its finish;
see Chapter Seven of the main book.
3. Remove the fairing (KZ550-HI), the front
wheel and both fork legs.
4. Remove the headlight and its housing
Figure 91).
5. k e m o v e the front turn signals (B, Figure
91) and the fork covers (C, Figure 91).
6. Remove the handlebars and their holders.
7. Remove the
2 mounting bolts securing the
brake hose joint to the steering stem base.
Remove the front brake system as an
hydraulic lines.
8. Remove the steering stem head bolt and
flat washer.
9. Remove the steering stem head and meter
Store the meters right side up.
I f
are upside down or sideways, the
instrument fluids will leak and the
meters won't work properly.
10. Push up on the stem base while removing
the steering stem locknuts (use the special
wrench in the bike's tool kit). Remove the
steering stem and stem base as an assembly.
1 1. Clean the bearing races and tapered roller
bearings with solvent.
12. Check the roller bearings and races
visually for wear or damage. If any need
replacement, take the job to a dealer or
qualified mechanic.
13. Grease the bearings and races.
14. Reverse Steps 1-10 to install the steering
stem. Adjust the steering as described in this
section of the supplement.
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Table of Contents

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