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b. Adjust the drive chain play and the rear
brake as described in the Chapter Three
section of this supplement and in
Chapter Three of the main book.
(KZ550-F1 and MI)
1. Support the motorcycle with the rear
wheel off the ground.
2. Disconnect the brake rod (Figure 68) and
remove the torque link bolts at the rear brake
panel (Figure 69).
3. Remove the cotter pin and remove the
rear axle nut.
4. Pull the axle out of the wheel (Figure 70).
5. Remove the axle spacer (Figure 71) from
the right-hand side of the wheel.
6. Remove the wheel by sliding it to the right
and disengage it from the hub drive splines
(Figure 72). Remove the wheel.
7. To install, reverse the removal steps. Note
the following:
a. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to
the final drive flange splines on the
wheel and the ring gear.
b. Make sure that the wheel hub splines
(Figure 73) engage with the final drive
(Figure 74).
c. Tighten the axle nut to specifications
(Table 26).
d. Adjust the rear brake as described in
Chapter Three of the main book.
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Table of Contents

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