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Route the throttle cable between the
steering head and the right fork tube.
The cable must not be twisted, kinked
or pinched.
On U.S. models, connect the two
switching valve to the No. 1 and No. 4
Connect the fuel tap vacuum hose to the
No. 3 carburetor.
Adjust the throttle cable and carburetors
as described in the Chapter Three
section of this supplement and Chapter
Three of the main book.
Refer to Figure 41 (KZ550-H1 and
ZX550-A1 and A2) or Figure 42 and Figure
43 (KZ550-Fl and Ml). Most carburetor
disassembly can be done without separating
an individual carburetor from the assembly.
We recommend disassembling only one
carburetor at a time to prevent accidental
interchange of parts.
1. Remove the diaphragm cover screws and
the cover and spring.
2. Pull out the slide and diaphragm assembly.
Be careful not to tear or puncture the
3. To remove the needle from the slide,
unscrew the retainer and push the needle out.
4. Remove
lockwashers, float bowl and large O-ring.
5A. KZ55O-HI and ZX550: Pull out the plug
and O-ring and unscrew the pilot jet.
5B. KZ550-Fl and M1: Remove the pilot jet.
6. On KZ550-H1 and ZX550 models,
remove the following:
a. Primary main jet.
b. Secondary main jet.
c. Secondary bleed pipe.
7A. KZ.550-HI and ZX550: Push on the top
of the needle jet and primary bleed pipe to
remove them.
7B. KZ550-Fl and MI: Remove the main
jet, bleed pipe and needle jet.
8. Push out the float pivot pin and remove
the float assembly.
9. Remove the screw securing the float valve
assembly and remove the valve needle, valve
seat, O-ring and filter.
IOA. To remove the pilot (idle mixture)
screw on U.S. models, carefully remove the
plug covering the screw using an awl or
similar tool. Turn the screw in until it seats
lightly; note the number of turns required.
Remove the screw, spring and O-ring.
10B. To remove the pilot (idle mixture)
screw on non-U.S. models, simply unscrew it.
11. Unscrew the plunger cap and pull out the
starter plunger.
12. Perform Cleaning and Inspection.
13. To assemble, reverse these steps. Note
the following:
On U.S. models, to install the pilot (idle
mixture) screw, turn it in until it seats
lightly. Then turn it out the same
disassembly. Install a new plug and seat
the edges with silicone sealant; use the
smallest amount of sealant possible so
that none will find its way into the
Install the vacuum diaphragm with the
tab aligned with the notch in the
carburetor body. Fit the diaphragm
sealing lip into the carburetor body
groove. Lift the slide a little to take
stress off the diaphragm as you tighten
the cover screws. Then check that the
slide moves up and down freely.
Tighten the jets securely, but be careful
not to strip their threads. Always use the
correct size screwdriver to prevent
damaging the head of the jet.
After assembly, turn the carburetor
upside down and listen to be sure the
floats are moving freely.
Perform Fuel Level Inspection and
Carburetor Adjustment as described in
this supplement and in Chapter Three of
the main book.
See Figure 41 (KZ550-H1 and ZX550-A1
and A2) or Figure 42 (KZ550-F1 and Ml).
1. Remove the screws securing the throttle
cable bracket and remove the bracket.
2. Take the 4 circlips off of the choke shaft
and pull out the shaft. A steel ball and spring
will fall off the No. 3 carburetor.
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Table of Contents

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