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On U.S. models, the idle mixture screw is
sealed under a plug.
Primary Main Jet
The primary main jet affects the mixture
from 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. Larger numbers
provide a richer mixture, smaller numbers a
leaner mixture.
Jet Needle
The jet needle affects the mixture from 1/2
to 3/4 throttle.
carburetors have only one fixed needle
position. The only alteration possible is
through substitution of a different needle
number or by raising the needle by putting a
washer under it; as the needle is raised, the
mixture gets richer.
Needle Jet
Only one size needle jet is available on
KZ550-H1 and F1, and ZX550-A1 and A2
Secondary Main Jet
The secondary main jet controls the
mixture at full throttle and has some effect at
lesser throttle openings. Each jet is stamped
with a number. Larger numbers provide a
richer mixture, smaller numbers a leaner
Kawasaki uses Reverse type secondary
main jets, which have a round head. Do
not substitute hex head Mikuni or
Amal jets. The numbering systems are
not equivalent; a given jet number will
flow dlyerent amounts of fuel.
There is no set rule regarding frequency of
carburetor overhaul. A motorcycle used
strictly for street riding may go 30,000 miles
or more without needing a carburetor
overhaul. Operation in dusty areas or poor air
cleaner maintenance may shorten the useful
life of the carburetor.
Remove all 4 carburetors as an sssembled
unit. Replacement of an individual carburetor
is described under Separation in this section
of the supplement.
1. Put the bike on its centerstand.
2. Remove the fuel tank as described in
Chapter Seven of the main book.
3. Loosen the 4 carburetor holder clamps
(Figure 40).
4. Slide the 4 spring bands on the air cleaner
ducts out of the way.
5. Remove the rubber hose(s) from the
vacuum fittings(s).
6. On U.S. models, pull the vacuum hose
from the air cleaner housing.
7. Remove the carburetor assembly by
moving it up and out to the right.
8. Remove the throttle cable lower end from
the carburetor bracket.
9. To install, reverse the removal steps. Note
the following:
a. If any of the carburetor holders are
cracked or otherwise damaged, replace
them. Use Loctite Lock N' Seal on the
Allen bolts and tighten them to 11 ft.-lb.
(1.5 mkg).
Make sure there are no air leaks where
the carburetors join with the rubber
holders. You should be able to feel the
carburetors bottom out in the holders
on both sides. Any leakage here will
cause a lean fuel mixture and engine
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Table of Contents

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