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3. Soak the element in SAE 30 engine oil.
Squeeze out the excess, then wrap the element
in a clean, dry rag and squeeze it until it is as
dry as possible. Other oils made specifically
for foam air filters, such as Bel-Ray Foam Air
Filter Oil, may also be used.
(KZ550-HI, F1 AND MI)
Fuel System Cleaning
On KZ550-H1, F1 and MI models, there
are no overflow tubes attached to the
carburetors. You must temporarily attach a
gasoline-resistant hose to the fitting at the
bottom of the carburetor before opening the
drain fitting (Figure 16). Be sure to catch the
fluid in a container suitable for gasoline
storage. When clean gasoline comes out of the
hose, close the fitting and remove the hose.
(KZ550-HI, F l AND MI)
Throttle Cable Play
These models have only one throttle cable.
Check free play at the throttle grip flange
17). Kawasaki specifies about 1/8 in.
(2-3 mm) of free play. If adjustment is
required, loosen the throttle grip cable
adjuster locknut (Figure 18) and turn the
adjuster as required. Tighten the locknut.
Idle Speed Adjustment
The idle speed adjustment procedure for
the KZ550-H1, F1 and MI models is the
same as for earlier models, but the idle speed
screw is in a different location (Figure 19).
Synchronizing the carburetors makes sure
that one cylinder doesn't try to run faster than
the others, cutting power and gas mileage.
The only accurate way to synchronize the
carburetors is to use a set of vacuum gauges (a
manometer) that measures the intake vacuum
of all cylinders at the same time. A typical set
of gauges is shown in Chapter One of the
main book.
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Table of Contents

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