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The KZ550-HI has two separate air filters.
The left-hand element (Figure 14) is a dry
paper type element. Once removed, this
element can be cleaned as described for 1981
models. The right-hand element (Figure 15) is
an oiled foam type and requires a different
cleaning procedure.
(Paper Element)
1. Remove the seat.
2. Remove the wing nut and washer (Figure
14) and remove the air filter cover.
3. Pull the paper element out of the housing.
4. Reverse these steps for installation. Be
sure the cover is installed correctly to avoid
air leaks.
(Foam Element)
1. Remove the battery and battery housing.
2. Remove the air filter housing mounting
screws and remove the housing (Figure 15).
Pull the foam element and its frame out of the
3. Carefully remove the foam element from
the frame.
4. After cleaning and oiling the element as
described in this section of the supplement,
install the element onto the frame.
5. Install the element and frame into the
housing; make sure the sponge gasket is in
6. Install the air filter housing; tighten the
mounting screws to 43 in.-lb. (0.5 mkg).
7. Install the battery housing and battery.
(Foam Element)
Kawasaki recommends replacing the foam
element after 5 cleanings because the cleaning
process enlarges the filter pores. Handle the
element carefully and replace it at the first
sign of tearing or any other damage.
1. Clean the element in solvent to remove
old oil and dirt.
2. Carefully squeeze the element dry-do
wring it as this will tear the filter.
A. Wing nut
B. Element
A. Element
B. Frame
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Table of Contents

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