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different adjuster settings (Figure 36 and
Figure 37) is described in Chapter Three.
Removal and installation of one shock
absorber at a time makes the task easier. The
unit that remains will maintain the correct
distance between the swing arm and the frame.
I . Put the motorcycle up on its centerstand.
2. Loosen the upper shock mounting nuts (A,
Figure 38).
3. Remove the passenger grab rail.
4. Remove
lockwasher and
flatwashers from the upper shock absorber
Remove the bottom bolt and lockwasher
(B, Figure 38). then remove the shock absorber.
6. To install, reverse the removal steps. Note
the following:
a. Check the rubber shock mounting eye
bushings for damage or deterioration and
replace them if necessary.
b. Put a flatwasher on either side ofthe grab
rail ends.
c. Torque the mounting nuts/bolts as
specified in Table 2.
d. Check to see that the spring preload cam
adjuster on each shock is turned to the
same notch (Figure 39).
e. Check to see that the damping adjuster on
each shock is turned to the same setting
(Figure 36 or Figure 37).
Grasp the upper mounting eye and
repeatedly compress and extend the damper
rod to check for d a m p i n g resistance.
Resistance during extension of the rod should
be noticeably greater than during compression.
Also, the resistance in both directions should
be smooth throughout the stroke. If the shock
absorber fails on either of these points, it is
unsatisfactory and should be replaced. If
damping is noticeably different between the
two shocks, they should both be replaced.
Visually check the damper rod for bending.
Ifbending is apparent, the unit is unserviceable
and should be replaced.
Inspect for shock fluid leakage. If any is
present, the shocks should be replaced.
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Table of Contents

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