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Bearing Race Replacement
The head and steering stem bearing races are
pressed into place. Do not remove them unless
they are worn and require replacement: ball
races are easily bent. Take old races to your
dealer to ensure exact replacement.
Steering head races
To remove the steering head races. insert a
hardwood stick into the head tube and
carefully tap the race out from the inside
(Figure 34). Tap all around the race so that
neither the race nor the head tube are bent. To
install a race. grease it and fit it into the end of
the head tube. Tap it slowly and squarely with
a block of wood (Figure 35). Make sure it is
fully seated. You will notice adistinct change in
as the
The upper and lower races are different.
Be sure that you install them at the
proper ends of the head tube.
Steering stem races
T o remove the steering stem race, try
twisting and pulling it up by hand. If it will not
come off, carefully pry it up with a screwdriver.
while working around in a circle, prying a little
at a time. Be careful not to damage the grease
seal under the lower race.
Remove the grease seal and washer from the
steering stem and install a new seal before
reassembling the steering head.
T o install the lower stem race, slide it over
the steering stem and tap it down with a piece
of hardwood or a pipe of the proper size. Work
around in a circle so that the race will not be
bent. Make sure it is seated squarely and all the
way down.
Service t o the original equipment rear
sprindgas shocks is limited to inspection for
damage to the damper rod. checking for
damping a n d replacing worn mounting
Some models have adjustable damping at
the rear shocks. The relative damping effect for
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Table of Contents

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