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Poor Performance - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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Crank the engine several times to distribute the
oil and test the compression once again. If
i t
now significantly higher, the rings and bore are
worn. If the compression did not change, the
valves are not seating correctly. Adjust the
valves and check again. If the compression is
still low, refer t o the engine chapter.
NOTE: L o w compression indicates a
The condition
causing it should be corrected as soon as
Poor engine performance can be caused by
any of a number of things related to carbure-
tion, ignition, and the condition of the sliding
and rotating components in the engine. In addi-
tion, components such as brakes, clutch, and
transmission can cause problems that seem to
be related to engine performance, even when
the engine is in top running condition.
Poor Idling
Idling that is erratic, too high, or too low is
most often caused by incorrect adjustment of
the carburetor idle circuit. Also, a dirty air
filter o r a n obstructed fuel tank vent can affect
idle speed. Incorrect ignition timing or worn or
faulty ignition components are also good
First, make sure the air filter is clean and cor-
rectly installed. Then, adjust the throttle cable
free play, the throttle stop screw, and the idle
mixture air screw (Figure 6) as described in the
routine maintenance chapter.
If idling is still poor, check the carburetor
and manifold mounts for leaks; with the engine
warmed u p and running, spray WD-40 or a
similar light lube around the flanges and joints
of the carburetor and manifold (Figure 7).
Listen for changes in engine speed. If a leak is
present, the idle speed will drop as the lube
"plugs" the leak and then pick up again as
drawn into the engine. Tighten the nuts and
clamps and test again. If a leak persists, check
for a damaged gasket o r a pinhole in the mani-
fold. Minor leaks in manifold hoses can be
repaired with silicone sealer, but if cracks or
holes are extensive, the manifold should be
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Table of Contents

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