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Table of Contents
1. Raise the front wheel off the ground;
support the motorcycle securely under the
2. Remove the fuel tank to protect its finish.
See Fuel Tank Removal in Chapter Seven.
3. On the KZ550-D, remove the fairing; see
Fairing in this chapter.
4. On the KZ550-Cand D, remove the bottom
headlight shell mounting bolt.
5. Remove the headlight from its shell and
disconnect the wiring connectors; see
Headlight Removal in Chapter Eight. Push the
wiring out the back of the shell.
6. Remove the turn signals from the headlight
shell and remove the headlight shell.
7. Disconnect
t h e
a n d
tachometer cables at the meters (Figure 23).
8. Remove the trim plate mounting screws
and the trim plate from the front of the lower
triple clamp.
9. Remove the 2 brake junction mounting
bolts (Figure 24).
10. On the KZ550-C, remove the 2 upper nuts
and 1 lower headlight bracket bolt with
lockwashers and washers (Figure 25). Pull the
headlight bracket and shell assembly free from
the steering head.
Ifyou remove the instruments, store the
meters right side up.
I f
they hre upside
down or sideways, the instrument fluids
will leak and the meters won't work
11. Remove t h e handlebar clamp bolts
(Figure 26) and detach the handlebar assembly.
Let it hang down in front of the motorcycle,
being careful not to damage any cables or wires.
12. Detach the complete front brake system
-master c y l i n d e r j u n c t i o n block a n d
caliper(s)-without disconnecting any brake
13. Remove the front wheel. See Front Wheel
Removal in Chapter Nine.
14. Remove the front fender.
15. Remove the front forks as described in this
16, If there are any other parts attached to the
fork clamps, remove them now.
Instrument u n ~ t
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Table of Contents

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