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the brake lever until the pads are seated against
the disc.
6. Top up the fluid level in the master cylinder
if necessary. and install the cover.
Do not ridc. the
until you are
sure the brakes are w,orking with a solid
,fed I f ' necessary, bleed the brakes t o
retnow any uccurnulated air fiotn the
Rear Brake Pad Removal
(1979-1980 KZ500)
1. Remove the pad cover from the caliper.
See Figure 52. Remove the clips from the
pins, then hold your thumb on the anti-rattle
springs to keep them from flying off. Pull the
pins off the caliper.
Remove the pads from the caliper.
Rear Brake Pad Installation
(1979-1980 KZ500)
1. Remove the cap from the master cylinder
and slowly push the piston into the caliper
wh~le checking the reservoir to make sure it
doesn't overflow. The piston should move
freely. You may need to use a C-clamp to push
the piston back into the caliper. If the piston
sticks. remove the caliper and have it rebuilt by
)our Kawasaki dealer.
3. Insert the pads with the friction material
facing the disc.
Don't dislocate the rubber pistorl dust
seals while rnserting the pads.
Insert 2 pins through the outer wall of the
caliper and outboard pad. The end with the
hole goes toward the outside.
4. Install the anti-rattle spring with the ends
under the pins and the top portion on top ofthe
pad (Figure 53).
5. Install the other pad in the same manner as
the first. Press down on the anti-rattle springs
so the pin goes over the ends of the springs.
6. Install the clips through the holes in the
pins. between the outboard pad and the caliper.
1. Pin
2. Brake pad
3. Anti-rattle pin
4. Clip
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Table of Contents

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