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When a tubeless tire is flat, your best
recourse is to take it to a motorcycle dealer for
repair. Punctured tubeless tires should be
removed from the rim to inspect the inside of
the tire and to apply a combination plug/patch
from the inside. Don't rely on a plug or cord
repair applied from outside the tire. They
might be okay on a car, but they're too
dangerous on a motorcycle.
After repairing a tubeless tire, don't exceed
50 mph (80 kph) for the first 24 hours. Never
race on a repaired tubeless tire. The patch
could work loose from tire flexing and heat.
Removal oftubeless tires from their rims can
be very difficult because of the exceptionally
tight beadlrim seal. Breaking the bead seal may
require the use of a special tool such as the one
available from Kawasaki (Figure 34). If you
have trouble breaking the seal, we recommend
you take the tire to a motorcycle dealer.
The inner rim and tire bead area are
sealing surfaces on a tubeless tire. Do not
scratch the inside of the rim or damage
the tire bead.
Tubeless tire removal and installation is
similar to that of tube-type tires, with these
additional requirements:
1. Install a new valve stem (Figure 35)
whenever you have the tire off the rim. Rubber
deteriorates with age a n d valve stem
replacement will never be as convenient as
2. After the tire is on the rim, bounce the wheel
several times while turning the wheel. This
1. Locknut
4. Cast wheel
2. Nut
5. Grommet
3. Washer
6. Valve stem
helps seat the bead. If an initial air seal is hard
to get. your motorcycle or auto repair shop may
have a bead seater to make the job easy.
After inflating the tire, check to see that the
beads are fully seated and that the tire rim lines
are the same distance from the rim all the way
around the tire. If the beads won't seat, deflate
the tire, relubricate the rim and beads with
soapy water and reinflate the tire.
Do not rely on a plug or cord patch applied
from outside the tire. Use a combination
plug/patch applied from inside the tire (Figure
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Table of Contents

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