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both directions (Figure 28). Use a tire iron for
the last few inches of bead (Figure 29).
7. Press the upper bead into the center of the
rim opposite the valve. Pry the bead into the
rlm on both sides of the initial point with a tire
iron, working round the rim to the valve
(Figure 30).
Wiggle the valve to be sure the tube is not
under the bead. Set the valve squarely in its
hole before screwing in the valve nut to hold it
against the rim.
9. Check the bead on both sides of the tire for
an even fit around the rim. Inflate the tire
slowly to seat the beads in the rim. It may be
necessary to bounce the tire to complete the
seating. Inflate to the required pressure.
10. Balance the wheel as described in this
Inner Tube Repair
Every rider eventually experiences trouble
with a tire or tube. Repairs and replacement are
fairly simple and every rider should know the
Patching an inner tube should be considered
only a temporary repair. A motorcycle tire
flexes a great deal and could rub a patch off the
tube. However, a patched tube will get you far
enough to buy a new tube for maximum
reliability and safety.
Tube repair kits can be purchased from
motorcycle dealers and auto supply stores.
When buying, specify that the kit you want is
for motorcycles.
There are 2 types of tube repair kits: hot
patch and cold patch. Hot patches are stronger
because they actually vulcanize to the tube.
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Table of Contents

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