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5. If these readings are correct. but the gauge
indicates an erroneous fuel level during normal
operation. the sending unit is probably bad.
Sending Unit Inspection
1 . Remove the fuel tank; see
Fuel Tank
Removal in Chapter Seven.
2. Drain all fuel into a safe container.
3. Remove the sending unit mounting bolts
and the sending unit.
4. Check that the float arm moves up and
down smoothly throughout its range.
5. Measure the resistance of the sending unit
with an ohmmeter. At the "full" position.
resistance should be 1-5 ohms. At the "empty"
position, resistance should be 103- 1 17 ohms. If
resistance does not vary smoothly as the arm is
moved, the sending unit is faulty.
The horn can not be disassembled. but it can
be adjusted if prolonged use causes a change in
the pitch of the sound. An ammeter (0-5 amps)
is required during adjustment to prevent
misadjustment and excessive current draw.
Disconnect the black lead at the horn and
connect an ammeter between the horn and the
lead with the positive
probe to the horn
and the negative
probe to the black lead.
Loosen the adjusting screw locknut (Figure 52)
and turn the adjuster as required, while keeping
the horn current under 2.0-3.0 amps. Tighten
the locknut.
Don't turn the adjuster in (clockwise) too
.far or the battery drain will be e,~cessiw
and the horn m a y burn out.
T a b l e 1 L I G H T BULB S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
- -
I t e m
W a t t s (all b u l b s a r e 12 v o l t )
KZ500 1979-1 980
Semi-sealed 45140W
K2550 1980 US.
Sealed beam 50135W
K2550 1980 Europe
Semi-sealed 45140W
K25001550 1981
Quartz halogen 60155W
US., Canada
Europe, Australia
5121 W
Turn signals
U.S., Canada, Australia
Turn signallrunning light (front)
U.S., Canada
Meters and indicators
City light (Europe)
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Table of Contents

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