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been met. the turn signal control unit energizes
a solenoid in the turn signal switch body that
pushes the switch OFF.
1. In case of trouble with the system, check all
wiring and connectors first.
2. If the wiring is okay, check the distance
a. Remove the headlight. disconnect the
4-pin connector from the speedometer
and connect an ohmmeter to the red and
light green leads from the speedometer.
b. Disconnect the speedometer cable at its
lower end and turn the inner cable by
With the ignition switch ON and the turn
c. Ifthe distance sensor is working properly.
signal selector set at "A" (automatic),
the ohmmeter should show the sensor
push the turn signal switch ON.
making and breaking continuity 4 times
d. Raise the front wheel and spin it at least
per revolution: if not. install a new
e. If the turn signal control unit is okay. the
d. Reconnect the 4-pin connector.
voltmeter will show battery voltage as the
If the distance sensor is okay, check the
control unit trys to energize the solenoid:
solenoid in the turn signal switch body:
if not, replace the turn signal control unit.
Remove the fuel tank: see Fuel Tank
Removal in Chapter Seven.
Disconnect the 9-pin connector from the
turn signal switch. Push the turn signal
switch ON.
Momentarily apply a positive
12 volt
signal to the white/green lead from the
switch, using a wire connected to the
battery terminal.
If the solenoid is okay, it will push the
switch OFF; if not, install a new turn
signal switch.
Reconnect the 9-pin connector.
Some models have a low fuel level sensor
and warning light that illuminates when there
is less than about 1/5 of a tank of fuel
remaining. The system uses the same bulb as
the brake light failure indicator. The sensor is
mounted in the fuel tank. If the warning light
does not illuminate correctly, replace the
sensor; see
Fuel Level Sensor
in Chapter Seven.
Some models have a fuel gauge that indicates
4. If the solenoid is okay, open the turn signal
the amount offuel in the taik. The sending unit
switch at the handlebar and clean the switch
is a variable resistor and float mounted in the
contacts. No replacement parts are available.
fuel tank.
5. If cleaning the switch contacts doesn't solve
the problem, check the turn signal control unit:
Gauge Inspection
Open the t u r n s i g n a l switch a t the
Set a voltmeter at 25 volts DC and
connect the positive
probe to the
white/green solenoid terminal (not the
grounded side of the solenoid). Connect
the negative
probe to the grounded
side of the solenoid.
1. Remove the fuel tank: see Fuel Tank
Removal in Chapter Seven.
2. Disconnect the 2-pole sending unit coupler.
Turn the ignition switch ON. The gauge
should read
4. Short the black/yellow and white/yellow
leads from the gauge together. The gauge
should read
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Table of Contents

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