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electrolyte. and make sure all the connections
between the battery a n d solenoid are
corrosion-free and tight.
Remove the left side cover and electrical
cover. The solenoid is below the fuse box
(Figure 42).
Turn on the ignition, check that the kill
switch is ON (and pull in the clutch lever ifyour
model has a starter lockout) and operate the
starter pushbutton. Listen for the loud clicking
noise that tells you the solenoid is working.
If the solenoid does not click. check for
battery voltage at the black wire to the solenoid
when the starter button is pushed. If there is
battery voltage but the solenoid doesn't click
and all connections are clean and tight. the
solenoid is bad and should be replaced. If
battery voltage is not available at the black
wire, there is an open somewhere in the circuit.
Starter 1,ockout Switch Replacement
Push up on the bottom of the switch locking
tab (Figure 43) and pull out the switch. To
install. push the switch in until you feel the tab
lock in place.
Table 1 lists replacement bulbs
the lights
and indicators.
If a light stops burning, check first for a
burned-out or broken bulb. If bulbs burn out
frequently. check for a low level of electrolyte
in the battery or for a faulty voltage regulator
that could be overcharging the battery.
If the problem is not in the bulb, check the
wiring from the socket back to the battery.
Measure voltages with the ignition turned ON
or resistances with the ignition switch turned
OFF and the fuse removed from its holder.
Headlight Adjustment
Adjust the headlight horizontally and
vertically according to Department of Motor
Vehicle regulations in your area.
Horizontal adjustment
Toadjust the headlight horizontally, turn the
screw on the lower right side of the headlight
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Table of Contents

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