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2. Measure coil secondary resistance; remove
the resistor-type plug caps from the leads and
measure between the secondary leads. The
resistance should be about 13,000 ohms when
the coil is cold (at room temperature).
3. Measure the resistance between the coil
primary yellow/red wire and ground (coil core)
and between the coil secondary lead and
ground (coil core). The resistance should be
infinite. A low reading indicates a short circuit.
4. If a coil does not meet these resistance
values. it must be replaced. If the coil exhibits
visible damage, it should be replaced.
5. Ifa coil is generating weak sparks, substitute
the other coil in the circuit and check the sparks
again. Ifthe other coil generates stronger sparks
at the electrodes of the spark plugs, there is a
short circuit in the secondary windings of the
original coil: install a new coil.
1. Remove the right-hand side cover and
disconnect the 4-pole pickup coil connector
(Figure 20).
2. With an ohmmeter set at Rx100, measure
the resistance between the 2 pairs of leads:
black and blue (No. 1 and 4) and yellow and
red (No. 2 and 3). The resistance should be
400-500 ohms.
3. Set the ohmmeter at its highest scale and
check the resistance between either lead for
each pair of cylinders and chassis ground. The
reading should be infinite.
4. If the pickup coil fails either of these tests,
check the wiring to the coil. Replace the coil if
the wiring is okay.
The pickup coils are under the timing cover
on the right-hand side of the engine.
1. Open the right-hand side cover a n d
disconnect the 4-pole pickup coil/IC igniter
connector (Figure 20).
2. Remove the 2 timing cover screws and the
cover and gasket (Figure 11).
3. Remove the 3 timing plate screws and the
plate (Figure 12).
4. To install, reverse these steps.
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Table of Contents

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