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3. Hold the larger nut and remove the
advancer mounting bolt, large nut and the
advancer (Figure 13).
4. To remove the cam from the advancer
body, hold the base steady, turn the advancer
cam until the arms come out of the cam, then
pull the cam off its pivot.
5. Remove the weight C-clips, washers,
weights and washers.
6. Install by reversing the removal steps. Note
the following:
Grease the groove inside the rotor or cam
(Figure 14), the weight pivots and the
weight arms that fit into the rotor or cam.
O n t r a n s i s t o r i z e d m o d e l s , w h e n
assembling the advancer unit align the
the rotor peak and "TEC" mark (Figure
On breaker point models, when
assembling the advancer unit align the
cam mark and the hole in the advancer
plate (Figure 16).
Check for free movement and full weight
return by the advancer springs.
When installing the advancer assembly,
align the notch in the back of the
advancer with the pin in the crankshaft
(Figure 17).
Advancer bolt torque is
ft.-lb. (2.5
Contact point models: Adjust the ignition
timing; see Ignition Timing in Chapter
An ignition coil can fail in any of 3 ways. It
can develop an open circuit (broken wire) in
the primary windings or the secondary
windings, in which case the coil won't function
at all, or it can develop a partial short circuit,
arcing to bridge some of the secondary
windings. If that happens, the coil will generate
weak sparks at the electrodes of the spark plug.
I. Check that the ignition switch is OFF.
2. Remove the fuel tank; see Fuel Tank
Removal in Chapter Seven.
3. Disconnect the spark plug leads.
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Table of Contents

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