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Electrolyte splashed into the eyes is
extremely dangerous. Wear safety
glasses while working with batteries.
electrolyte is splashqd into the eye, call a
doctor immediately, force the eye open
andflood it with cool water for about
When batteries are being charged, highly
explosive hydrogen gas forms in the cells of the
battery. Some of this gas escapes through the
filler openings and may form an explosive
atmosphere around the battery. Sparks, flames
or a lighted cigarette can ignite the gas, causing
a battery explosion and possible serious
personal injury. Follow these precautions to
help prevent accidents.
1. Do not smoke or permit any flame near a
battery being charged or which has been
charged recently. Keep the battery away from
gas appliances too.
2. Do not disconnect or connect live circuits at
the battery terminals, because a spark will
occur when a live circuit is connected or
broken. Turn off the ignitior! switch first or
disconnect the circuit away from the battery.
When using a battery charger, don't plug the
charger in until the battery clips have been
securely attached. Unplug the charger before
you remove the clips from the battery.
Disconnect the negative
ground cable first
Figure 5), then the positive
cable (B).
This minimizes the chance of a tool shorting to
ground when disconnecting the "hot" positive
cable. Remove the battery holder screw and the
holder (C, Figure 5).
If the motorcycle will not be used for an
extended period, remove the battery from the
machine, charge it fully and stare it in a cool,
dry place. Recharge the battery every 2 months
while it is in storage and again before it is put
back into service.
Battery Installation
Be very careful when installing the battery to
connect it properly. If the battery is installed
backward, the electrical system may be
1. Clean the battery terminals, case and tray.
Coat the terminals with Vaseline or silicone
spray to retard corrosion of the terminals.
2. Connect the positive
terminal first,
then the negative
ground. Don't overtighten
the clamps.
3. Check to make sure the cable terminals
won't rub against any metal parts (like the seat).
Slide the plastic boot over the positive
4. Connect the battery vent tube and make
sure it isn't pinched anywhere. Keep the end
away from the mumers and drive chain. The
corrosive gases could cause damage.
Specific Gravity Testing
Hydrometer testing is the best way to check
battery condition. Use a hydrometer with
numbered graduations from 1.100 to 1.300,
rather than one with color-coded bands.
To use the hydrometer, squeeze the rubber
ball, insert the tip into the cell and release the
ball. Draw enough electrolyte to float the
weighted float inside the hydrometer. Note the
number in line with the surface of the
electrolyte (Figure 6); this is the specific gravity
for this cell. Return the electrolyte to the cell
from which it came.
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Table of Contents

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