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6. Remove the throttle shaft retainer between
carburetors No.
and No. 4 (Figure 24).
7 . Remove the rubber plugs from both ends of
the throttle shaft.
Push and turn the throttle shaft out of the
carburetor bodies.
9. Remove the throttle slide and jet needle
assemblies (Figure 25).
10. Unscrew the 2 slide bracket screws (Figure
26) to expose the jet needle and circlip.
I I . Remove the needle and retainer from the
throttle slide. Note the position of the clip on
the needle.
12. To install. reverse this procedure. Note the
a. Apply a light coat of grease to the throttle
shaft before installing it.
b. The nipple on the throttle shaft retainer
plate fits into a hole on the carburetor
c. Synchronize the throttle slides visually so
that they each have an equal gap at the
throttle bore when closed (Figure
T o
adjust, loosen the adjuster locknuts (A,
Figure 10). turn the adjusters as required
and tighten the locknuts. Open the
throttle fully and check that the bottom of
the lowest throttle slide clears the top of
the throttle bore; if it does not, loosen the
open limit locknut and turn the open
limit adjuster as required
Figure 10).
Tighten the locknut.
See Figure 15. The carburetors are joined by
a common choke valve shaft, throttle slide
shaft and a mounting bracket. Almost all
carburetor parts can be replaced without
separating the carburetors. Ifyou want to clean
the carburetors internally, it's best to take them
to a Kawasaki dealer for soak cleaning of
internal passages. There are many plastic and
rubber parts that
be removed before using
a caustic carburetor cleaning solution.
Cleaning and Inspection
1. Thoroughly clean and dry all parts. If a
special carburetor cleaning solution is used, all
non-metal parts must be removed (gaskets,
O-rings, etc.).
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Table of Contents

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