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3. Check the grooves in the shift drum for
wear, chipping or roughness (Figure 26). The
fork pegs should fit in the drum grooves
without excessive play. The maximum shift
drum groove width and minimum shift fork
guide pin diameter are specified in Table 1.
4. Measure the free length of the detent spring
(Figure 20). Install a new spring if shorter than
the limit in Table 1.
5. Inspect the detent cam for wear. Replace it if
visibly worn.
Check that the shift drum ratchet pins are in
good condition. Ifthe pins are removed, install
the long pin as shown in relation to the hole on
the end of the drum (Figure 15). Secure the pin
plate screw with a locking agent such as Loctite
Lock N' Seal.
Refer to Figure 21.
1. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to any
new parts. Oil all parts before assembly.
2. Push the shift drum into the engine case.
Position the large shift fork so that the drum
will enter the long end of the fork boss first
(Figure 27).
3. Check that the detent cam dowel pin is in
place (Figure 28). Install the detent cam and
circlip. Use a new circlip when possible; an old
clip may have lost its tension during removal.
4. Install a new lockplate and the shift drum
guide bolt. The lockplate tab must seat in the
crankcase hole (Figure 29). Fold up a side of the
5. Rotate the shift drum to the NEUTRAL
position (Figure 30) and install the detent
plunger, spring and bolt.
6. Install the large shift fork guide pin with a
new cotter pin as shown (Figure 24). The guide
pin fits in the middle shift drum groove.
7. Install the 2 smaller shift forks and the shift
rod, fitting the fork pegs into the shift drum
grooves (Figure 31).
The 2 smaller shift .forks are identical.
Refer to Figure 32.
1. Remove the engine from the motorcycle
and separate the crankcase halves as described
in Chapter Four.
2. Carefully lift out the input and output shaft
gear clusters. Carefully note the location of any
thrust washers or bearings on the ends of the
3. To disassemble the transmission shafts,
remove the circlips with circlip pliers.
Carefully lay out all the clips, washers and gears
in the order you remove them.
T o remove the output shaft 5th gear,
hold the shaft vertically by the 3rd gear,
spin the shaft and lift off5th gear (Figure
33). Do not lose the 3 "neutral finder"
balls. In case you do, they are 5/32 in.
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Table of Contents

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