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Table of Contents
On the Motorcycle
a. Motorcycle tool kit (original equipment)
b. Drive chain master link
c. Tow line
d. Spark plug
e. Spark plug wrench
f. Shifter lever
g. Clutch/brake lever
h. Silver waterproof sealing tape (duct tape)
i. Loctite Lock ' N ' Seal
In the Truck
a. Control cables (throttle, clutch, brake)
b. Silicone sealer
c. Tire patch kit
d. Tire irons
e. Tire pump
f. Impact driver
g. Oil
W A R N l N G
Tools and spares should be carried on
the tnotorcycle - not i n clothing where
a simple fall could result i n serious in-
jury from a sharp tool.
Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, and Ammeter
For testing the ignition or electrical system, a
good voltmeter is required. For motorcycle use,
an instrument covering 0-20 volts is satisfac-
tory. One which also has a 0-2 volt scale is
necessary for testing relays, points, or in-
dividual contacts where voltage drops are much
smaller. Accuracy should be
An ohmmeter measures electrical resistance.
This instrument is useful for checking conti-
nuity (open and short circuits), and testing
fuses and lights.
The ammeter measures electrical current.
Ammeters for motorcycle use should cover 0-50
amperes and 0-250 amperes. These are useful
for checking battery charging and starting cur-
Several inexpensive vakl's (volt-ohm-milli-
ammeter) combine all three instruments into
one which fits easily in any tool box. See Fig-
ure 5. However, the ammeter ranges are usually
too small for motorcycle work.
The hydrometer gives a useful indication of
battery condition and charge by measuring the
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Table of Contents

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