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6. Install the neutral indicator lead (Figure 6).
7. Install the engine sprocket as described in
this chapter.
8. Install the engine sprocket cover as
described in this chapter.
The shift drum has a cam on the end
opposite the pins and linkage. A spring-loaded
detent is mounted inside the oil pan, riding on
the face of the shift drum cam (Figure 18). The
detent locks the shift drum in position after a
shift has been made, to help keep the
transmission from jumping out of gear.
Remove and inspect the detent assembly
whenever the transmission will not stay in gear
or if it is very hard to shift. To remove the
detent assembly, remove the oil pan as
described in
O i l
Pump Removal in Chapter
Four. Remove the shift drum detent bolt,
spring and pin (Figure 19).
Check that the plunger slides freely inside the
bolt. Measure the free length of the detent
spring (Figure 20). If the spring is shorter than
the limit in Table 1, install a new spring.
Install the shift drum detent pin, spring and
bolt and install the oil pan as described in Oil
Pump Installation in Chapter Four.
Repair of the transmission gears, shift drum
and shift forks requires engine removal and
case separation. Ifthe transmission fails to shift
properly or jumps out of gear, check the
condition of the shift linkage before splitting
the engine cases. See Shiji Linkage Inspection
and Shift Detent in this chapter.
Transmission Operation
The basic transmission has 6 pairs of
constantly meshed gears on the input and
output shafts. Each pair of meshed gears gives
one gear ratio. In each pair, one of the gears is
locked to its shaft and always turns with it. The
other gear is not locked to its shaft and can spin
freely on it. Next to each free spinning gear is a
third gear which is splined to the same shaft,
always turning with it. This third gear can slide
from side to side along the shaft splines. The
side of the sliding gear and the free spinning
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Table of Contents

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