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5. To install the sprocket cover, reverse the
removal steps. Note the following:
a. Make sure the 2 sprocket cover dowel
pins are in place (Figure 5).
b. Align the shift pedal with the top of the
The neutral indicator light is activated by a
switch mounted in the shift linkage cover,
under the sprocket cover (Figure 6). The switch
is turned on when the shift drum end plate is at
its NEUTRAL position (Figure 7). The
insulated switch pin that rides against the end
plate is then grounded against the metal
portion of the plate, completing the indicator
light circuit.
The engine sprocket is on the left-hand end
of the transmission output shaft, behind the
sprocket cover. The drive chain is endless-it
has no master link. To remove the drive chain,
remove the engine sprocket from the output
shaft and remove the swing arm; see Swing
Arm Removal in Chapter Ten.
1. Remove the engine sprocket cover as
described in this chapter.
2. Remove the 2 sprocket retainer bolts
(Figure 8) and remove the retainer.
3. Slide the sprocket off the output shaft.
You may have to loosen the drive chain
to allow sprocket removal. See Drive
Chain Adjustment
Chapter Three.
1. Inspect the engine sprocket for wear. If the
teeth are undercut as shown in Figure 9, install
a new sprocket; a worn sprocket will quickly
wear out a new drive chain.
2. Position the drive chain on the sprocket,
then slide the sprocket onto the output shaft.
3. Install the sprocket retainer and the 2 bolts.
Torque the bolts as specified in Table 2.
4. Install the sprocket cover as described in
this chapter.
5. Adjust drive chain play if it was loosened.
See Drive Chain
in Chapter Three.
Refer to Figure 10. The shift linkage can be
repaired without separating the crankcases, but
removal of the shift drum and forks requires
engine removal and crankcase separation.
Inside the transmission, gears are moved by
shift forks, which are moved from side to side
by the camming slots in the cylindrical shift
drum. The linkage (outside the engine cases)
that converts up-and-down motions of the
gearshift pedal into rotation ofthe shift drum is
the gear shift mechanism.
The shift pedal is mounted on one end of the
shift shaft. At the other end of the shaft are a
shift arm and an overshift limiter under the
arm. The shift arm pawls rest against pegs in
the end of the shift drum. When the shift shaft
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Table of Contents

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