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This chapter covers all the parts that
transmit power from the clutch to the drive
chain: the engine sprocket, the transmission
gears, the shift drum and forks that slide the
gears and the shift linkage that turns the shift
The shift linkage can be repaired while the
engine is mounted in the frame, but repair of
the transmission gears, shift drum and shift
forks requires engine removal and crankcase
separation as described in Chapter Four.
Table 1 at the end of the chapter lists
transmission wear limit specifications. Many
inspection measurements require a precision
inside and outside micrometer, dial gauge or
the equivalent. lfyou don't have the right tools,
have your dealer or machine shop take the
required measurements.
The clutch release mechanism is mounted
on the inside of the sprocket cover. The
sprocket cover and shift linkage cover
underneath it must be removed for access to
the shift linkage.
1. Remove the left footpeg bolt, lockwasher
and the footpeg
Figure 1).
2. Remove the shift pedal (B, Figure 1);
remove the bolt and spread the slot open with
a screwdriver if necessary. If your bike has
linkage between the shift pedal and shift shaft,
remove the circlip at the pedal and remove all
the linkage (Figure 2).
3. Remove the 2 bolts securing the starter
motor cover and remove the cover and gasket
(Figure 3).
4. Remove the 4 bolts securing the engine
sprocket cover and remove the cover (Figure
4). Be careful not to damage the shift shaft oil
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Table of Contents

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