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calipers. If the sleeve OD is smaller than the
limit in Table 1, install a new clutch sleeve.
1. See Figure 10. Install the input shaft spacer
with the flat side facing out and install the
bearing sleeve (Figure 19).
2. Install the clutch bearing (Figure 20).
Install the outer housing and thrust washer
(Figure 21).
4. Install the inner clutch hub and install the
washer (Figure 22).
If one side of the spring washer is
marked "OUTSIDE," be sure that side
faces out.
5. Use a new clutch hub locknut when possible
and torque it as specified in Table 2 (Figure 23).
To install the clutch hub nut, you must
hold the clutch hub (which is mounted
on the transmission input shaft) steady.
You can lock the input shaft by stujing
a clean rag or a copper penny between
the secondary shaft gear and clutch ring
gear tooth or by using a special tool,
such as the "Grabbit," available from
Joe Bolger Products, Inc., Summer
Street, Barre, MA 01005.
6. Install the clutch release pushrod through
the center of the transmission input shaft.
7. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to the
steel ball and the end of the pressure plate
pusher. Install them in the end of the input
shaft (Figure 24).
Install the clutch plates (Figure 25). The
sequence is friction plate, metal plate, friction
plate, etc., starting and ending with a friction
plate. Take care to align the plate tabs carefully
with the housing teeth.
I f you are installing new dry plates, first
wet them with oil to prevent clutch
9. Install the pressure plate, aligning its splines
with the clutch hub splines. Install the
and bolts (Figure 26). Tighten the bolts
gradually in a crisscross pattern.
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Table of Contents

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