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Clutch housing
5. Visually inspect the outer splines that
mount the clutch plates to the inner hub and
outer housing. If the splines are chewed up or
badly worn, install new parts.
6. Inspect the clutch springs. The spring
tension must be checked while the spring is
compressed in a special spring tester (Figure
16). See Table 1 at the end of this chapter for
specifications. Replace all springs if one has
sagged below the limit.
7. Roll the clutch pushrod on a flat surface to
check for bends or damage. Examine the
rounded ends of the pushrod for damage.
Replace it if bent or damaged.
8. Examine the clutch housing and ring gear
and check for excessive wear or loose rivets. If
its condition is marginal, replace the housing.
Clutch failure at high rpm can cause expensive
engine damage.
Check the clutch shaft bearing (Figure 17),
spacers and thrust washers. Replace any parts
that are cracked or excessively worn, loose or
10. Measure the clutch housing inside
diameter (ID) with an inside micrometer or
vernier calipers (Figure 18). Ifthe bushing ID is
larger than the limit in Table 1, install a new
clutch housing.
11. Measure t h e clutch sleeve outside
diameter (OD) with a micrometer or vernier
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Table of Contents

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