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The clutch can be serviced with the engine in
the motorcycle or on a workbench. Generally,
most service operations are easier with the
engine in the motorcycle because the engine is
held firmly.
Clutch wear limit specifications are given in
Table 1 at the end of the chapter.
The clutch is a wet multi-plate type which
operates immersed in the engine oil. It is
mounted on the right-hand e n d of the
transmission input shaft. The inner clutch hub
is splined to the input shaft and the outer
housing can rotate freely on the input shaft
when the clutch release is actuated. The outer
housing is driven by a gear on the end of the
secondary shaft. The clutch release is mounted
in the sprocket cover on the left side of the
The clutch frictiorr plates are bathed irr
the same oil you put in the engine. Do
not use oil additives or you may cause
clutch slippage.
Between the clutch inner hub and outer
housing is a sandwich of clutch plates. Every
other plate (including the inner and outer
friction plates) is locked to the outer housing
a n d m u s t t u r n whenever it turns. The
remaining metal plates are locked to the inner
hub; when they turn, it turns. Outside this
sandwich of clutch plates is the pressure plate.
Coil springs push the pressure plate in against
the rest of the plates. This pressure jams the
plates together and friction locks the clutch
hubs together, so that the crankshaft can turn
the transmission input shaft.
To disengage the clutch, a clutch release
mechanism lifts the pressure plate outward
from the clutch. With the pressure gone, the
outer housing and the friction plates locked to
it continue to turn, but the metal plates and
inner hub stop turning.
All of the clutch parts can be removed while
the engine is mounted in the frame.
R o u t i n e c a b l e free play and release
adjustment are described in Chapter Three.
The clutch release mechanism is mounted
inside the engine sprocket cover. The release
consists of a release arm that rides on ball
bearings inside the release housing. The clutch
cable is attached to the arm; when pulled, it
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Table of Contents

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