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5. Remove the circlip on the end of the
secondary shaft (A, Figure 125) and remove the
gear with a gear or bearing puller.
6. Remove the spacer, then remove the
bearing (B, Figure 125) with a gear or bearing
7. To assemble, reverse this procedure. Use a
locking agent such as Loctite Lock N' Seal on
starter clutch Allen bolts.
The crankshaft is a 1-piece design that uses
plain bearing inserts at the crankshaft main
bearings and at the connecting rod big-end
bearings. Once the crankshaft is removed, the
cam chain and primary chain can be replaced.
1. Split the engine cases; see
in this chapter.
Keep each bearing insert in its original
place in the crankcases. If you aregoing
to assemble the engine with the original
inserts, they must be installed exactly as
removed in order to prevent rapid wear.
2. Before removing the crankshaft assembly
from the upper crankcase, measure the main
bearing side clearance with feeler gauges, as
shown in Figure 126. Pry the crankshaft toward
one end, then toward the other, and measure
the gap between the main bearing boss thrust
face and the crankshaft flyweight thrust face. If
play exceeds the limit in Table 1, the crankcase
halves should be replaced as a set.
Lift the crankshaft assembly out of the
engine case. Take off the cam chain and
primary chain.
4. Remove the oil seals from the ends of the
5. Check c o n n e c t i n g r o d big-end side
clearance with feeler gauges (Figure 127). Ifthe
clearance exceeds the limit in Table 1, the
crankshaft and connecting rods should be
6. Before removing the rods, mark the rods
and caps. Number them "I", "2",
and "4"
starting at the alternator end of the crankshaft.
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Table of Contents

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