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6. Install the oil pan with a new gasket. Tighten
the mounting bolts in a crisscross pattern to the
torque specified in Table 2.
7. On the KZ550-D, inspect the oil cooler
fitting O-rings and install new ones ifdamaged.
The return line from the right side of the oil
cooler goes to the upper hole in the oil pan and
the supply line from the left side of the oil
cooler goes to the lower hole. Torque the
mounting bolts as specified in Table 2.
8. Install the clutch assembly; see Clutch
Installation in Chapter Five.
9. Install the exhaust system; see Exhaust
System Installation in Chapter Seven.
10. Install the oil filter and add engine oil; see
Engine Oil and Filter in Chapter Three.
If you only need to repair the transmission
and are going to leave the crankshaft in place,
removal of the engine top end is not necessary
before separating the case halves.
Secondary shaft removal is part of this
crankcase separation procedure.
1. Remove the engine from the motorcycle as
described in this chapter.
2. Remove the secondary shaft bearing cap
from the alternator side of the engine (Figure
3. Remove the secondary shaft nut.
4. Remove the ignition advance unit; see
Ignition Advance in Chapter Eight.
5. Check that all parts outside ofthe crankcase
have been removed from the engine (Figure
114 and Figure 115).
Alternator rotor and ignition advance
mechanism removal are not essential
unless you plan to replace those parts or
the crankshaft seals.
6. Remove the 13 upper crankcase bolts
(Figure 116).
7. Turn the engine over and remove the oil
pump as described in this chapter.
Before you proceed, inspect the primary
chain play. The primary chain should be
replaced when it has more than 0.98 in.
(25 mm) of slack (Figure 117). Inspect
the secondary shaft sprocket carefully
when you replace the chain. It is likely
that both will need to be replaced at the
same time.
8. T a p on the alternator-side end of the
secondary shaft with a soft driver until the
other end pushes the bearing out (Figure 118).
9. Pull the secondary shaft out of the clutch
side of the engine.
Remove the 17 lower crankcase bolts
(Figure 119). Don't miss the bolt at the rear of
the engine.
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Table of Contents

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