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e. One route goes through an orifice to the
transmission main shaft and output shaft
bearings, then through the shafts to the
gear bushings.
Oil Pressure Check
To check the operation of the oil pump and
relief valve, start with a cold engine. Remove
the plug from the oil pressure check point on
the right-hand side of the crankcase (Figure
100) and attach a n oil pressure gauge
(Kawasaki has a special gauge available).
Check the relief valve by starting the engine
and observing the cold oil pressure as you
increase engine speed. If the cold oil pressure
exceeds the upper limit in Table 1, the relief
valve may be stuck closed. If the cold oil
pressure is less than the lower limit when the
engine speed is above about 5,000 rpm, the
relief valve may be stuck open. If you suspect
the relief valve is faulty, remove it as described
O i l
Removal. Check that the internal
ball slides smoothly when pushed away from
its seat (Figure 99) and that the ball seats fully
when released.
Check the oil pump operation by running the
engine long enough to warm the oil to normal
operating temperature. The oil pressure should
be as specified in Table 1. If the oil pressure is
very low, inspect the oil pump, then the oil
distribution routes.
Oil Pump Removal
The oil pump can be removed without
removing the engine from the frame. For
clarity, the engine is shown removed.
1. Drain the engine oil and remove the oil
2. Remove the exhaust system; see Exhaust
System Removal in Chapter Seven.
3. On the KZ5.50-D, remove the 4 oil cooler
line mounting bolts at the front of the oil pan
(Figure 101).
4. Remove the 13 bolts and washers that
mount the oil pan to the crankcase (Figure
102). Remove the oil pan, gasket and 3 O-rings.
5. Remove the clutch assembly; see Clutch
Removal in Chapter Five.
6. Remove the one bolt and 2 screws that
mount the oil pump to the right-hand side of
the crankcase (Figure 103). Pull out the oil
pump assembly.
1. See Figure 104. Inspect the pump body for
2. Remove the circlip and the washer from the
pump shaft (A, Figure 105).
3. Remove the 3 pump cover screws (B, Figure
105) and the cover and gasket.
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Table of Contents

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