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Bolt remow1 will be easier ifyou jack or
lever the engine up slightly to take the
welghr offthe bolts.
17. Pull the engine up slightly and to the right
side so that it clears the lower right front and
rear mounting brackets. Take the engine to a
work bench for further disassembly.
Ifthe recornmendedparts have not been
removed, 2 people are required to safely
remove the engine from the frame.
If you have removed the recommended
parts listed at the beginning of Removal, leave
them off until you have installed the bare
engine in the frame. It will be easier to handle
the engine and to tighten the rotor bolt, clutch
hub nut and secondary shaft nut.
Install the engine through the right side of
the frame.
2. Install the 2 right and one left engine
mounting brackets loosely (remember the
3. Lift the engine and install the 6 long bolts
with locknuts. Use a locking agent such as
Loctite Lock N' Seal on all engine mounting
bolts and nuts. The upper rear bolt has 2
4. Torque the mounting bracket nuts, then the
engine mounting nuts as specifed in Table 2.
6A. Models with rear drum brake: Install the
brake pedal or connect the brake rod.
6B. Models with rear disc brake: Install the 2
rear master cylinder mounting bolts (Figure
91) and tighten them securely.
7. Install the shift linkage and the linkage
cover; see Shift Linkage Installation in Chapter
8. Install the sprocket cover dowel pins (A,
Figure 87) and the clutch pushrod (B).
9. Install the engine sprocket and sprocket
cover; see Engine Sprocket Installation in
Chapter Six. You can now use the rear brake to
lock the engine while tightening the sprocket
nut, alternator rotor bolt, clutch hub nut and
secondary shaft nut.
10. Install the clutch; see Clutch Installation in
Chapter Five.
1. Install the secondary shaft nut (Figure 88)
and torque the nut as specified in Table 2.
While the engine is in theframe, you can
shift the engine into gear and lock the
drive train with the brake pedal. There
will be considerable play in the rubber
damper, but the nut will tighten.
12. Install the alternator side bearing cap with
a wiring clamp (Figure 94).
13. Install the alternator and electric starter as
described in Chapter Eight.
14. Install the top end (pistons, cylinder block,
cylinder head, camshafts and valve cover) as
Some engines have shims at the engine
tnounting bolts to take up play resulting
from manufacturing variations. Check
all mating surfaces after you torque the
engine mounting bolts.
there is a gap
between the engine and frame, add
shims to take up any slack and provide a
rigid enginefiame assembly.
5. On the KZ550-D, inspect the oil cooler
fitting O-rings and install new ones ifdamaged.
The return line from the right side of the oil
cooler goes to the upper hole in the oil pan and
the supply line from the left side of the oil
cooler goes to the lower hole. Torque the
mounting bolts as specified in Table 2.
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Table of Contents

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