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d. Shift linkage (refer to Chapter Six)
e. Engine sprocket (refer to Chapter Six)
Alternator rotor removal is not essential
unless you plan to replace the rotor or the
crankshaft seals.
Once the engine is removed from the frame,
some parts (like the alternator rotor, secondary
shaft nut and clutch h u b nut) cannot be
removed from the engine without special tools
or locking techniques.
If you only need to repair the transmission,
removal of the engine top end is not necessary.
Drain the engine oil and discard
reuse old oil.
2. Disconnect the breather hose that runs from
the air cleaner housing to the breather cap
(Figure 85).
3. Disconnect the alternator leads and the
neutral switch lead (Figure 86).
4. Remove the engine sprocket cover dowel
pins for clearance when removing the engine
(A, Figure 87).
5. Remove the clutch pushrod (B, Figure 87).
6. T o keep from bending the shift linkage,
remove the shift linkage cover and linkage; see
Shift Linkage Removal in Chapter Six.
7. Remove the secondary shaft bearing cap
from the alternator side of the engine.
8. Loosen the secondary shaft nut (Figure 88).
While the engine is in the frame, you can
sh!ji the engine into gear and lock the
drive train with the brake pedal. There
will be considerable play in the rubber
damper, but the nut will loosen.
9. Remove the ignition timing cover at the
right end of the crankshaft, then remove the 3
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Table of Contents

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