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p By pressing
, you can also skip files/chapters
forward or backward.
p By pressing and holding
fast reverse or fast forward.
p If a Video-CD with PBC On is being played,
p Changing the wide screen mode.
 Common operations on page 47
You can play a normal music CD, Video-CD or DVD-Video using
the built-in drive of this product.
For safety reasons, video images cannot be viewed while your
vehicle is in motion. To view video images, stop in a safe place
and apply the parking brake.
Starting procedure
1 Display the "AV source selection" screen.
2 Insert the disc you want to play.
The source changes and then playback will start.
 Inserting and ejecting a disc on page 9
p If the disc is already set, select [Disc] as the playing source.
Selecting files from the file
name list
1 Touch
2 Touch a track on the list to play back.

Switching the media file type

When playing a digital media containing a mixture of various
media file types you can switch between media file types to play.
1 Touch
2 Touch the item you want to set.
Switches the media file type to music (compressed audio).
Switches the media file type to video.
Switches the media file type to CD (audio data (CD-DA)).
Searching for the part you
want to play
, you can also perform
p For DVD-Videos, you can select [Title], [Chapter] or [10Key].
p For Video-CDs, you can select [Track] or [10Key] (PBC only).
1 Touch
2 Touch the item to select the search function.
3 Touch [0] to [9] to input the desired number.
p To cancel an input number, touch [Clear].
4 Touch
you registered.
Operating the DVD menu
You can operate the DVD menu by touching the menu item on
the screen directly.
p This function may not work properly with some DVD disc
content. In that case, use touch panel keys to operate the
DVD menu.
1 Touch
2 Touch the desired menu item.
Switching the subtitle/audio
 Touch
: Changes the subtitle language.
: Changes the audio language.
 You can also switch the subtitle/audio languages
using the "DVD/DivX Setup" menu.
 Setting the top-priority languages on page 44
Operating the DVD menu using
touch panel keys
If items on the DVD menu appear, the touch panel keys may
overlay them. If so, select an item using those touch panel keys.
1 Touch
2 Touch
menu item.
3 Touch
to start playback from the number
to change the language.
to select the desired
p The way to display the menu differs depending on the disc.
 If you touch
, you can operate the DVD menu



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