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Electrolux SC385 LCD Instruction Manual page 2

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The System Checks menu provides the ability to
monitor overall system performance. Specifi c elements
monitored include the dirt receptacle level, airfl ow
performance, motor and electrical systems, and the need
for power unit service. The happy face indicates that
each monitored element of the power unit is performing
at optimal levels. Use the right and left toggle buttons
to scroll through the SYSTEM CHECK screens to view
each system monitoring element.
Main Screen
Dirt Receptacle and Happy Face
This display denotes that the dirt receptacle does NOT
currently need to be emptied.
Three to Five Performance Bars and Happy Face
This display indicates the system is performing at the
optimal airfl ow level. The power unit motor is operating
at optimum performance when all fi ve power bars are
illuminated. Normal operating performance is when
three to fi ve bars are shown. Performance levels
will decrease as the fi lter is loaded with debris or as
the motor has signifi cant wear. Fewer bars will be
illuminated as performance decreases.
When the power unit is off, the display will illuminate the
airfl ow level of the last operating cycle. Note: It is also
normal to see changes in performance when specialty
attachments are used.
Motor Icon and Happy Face
This display indicates all electrical and motor
components are functioning properly.
Telephone Icon and Happy Face
This screen indicates that the system has NOT
encountered any error conditions and it is NOT
necessary to call for service at this time.
System Run Time
This display shows you the overall number of hours that
the power unit has operated. It shows your total time of
vacuuming with the Beam system.