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Kenwood KDW12SL3A Instruction Manual page 5

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Make sure your plumbing is suitable to install
your new dishwasher. If in doubt contact a
qualified plumber.
The water pressure coming from the water
mains supply must be a minimum of 0.4 and a
maximum of 10 bars.
max 100 cm
min 40 cm
min 4cm
First connect water inlet hose to your
in place.
Then connect the straight end to your water
mains supply
in place.
Please turn on the tap and check for leakages
after connecting the hose.
Please ensure the tap is turned off when the
machine is not used.
Fit the drainage hose of your machine
to the drainage pipe without bending.
Secure your hose firmly to the waste
pipe to avoid it coming off during the
washing process.
The waste pipe must only be connected
into the foul drains and not surface water
drainage system.
The hose should be placed between
40 cm and 100 cn from the floor level
and must not be extended otherwise the
machine may not empty the waste water.
Ensure black rubber seal is
Ensure black rubber seal is
If you only have one cold water
feed (For example for your
washing machine don't worry.
a Y adaptor will provide you with
the additional cold water feed
you need for your dishwasher.
Y adaptor is available from most
DIY stores.


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