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Setting Up The Telephone For Use; Step 1: Connecting The Base; Step 2: Setting Up The Handset - Siemens Gigaset A410 Manual

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Setting up the telephone for use

Step 1: Connecting the base

Connect the phone jack with the phone cord
and the mains units (230 V) with the power cord
as shown. Place the cords in the cord recesses.
The two cords must be plugged in at all times.
Use only the mains unit supplied (see the bot-
tom of the base).
If you ever purchase another phone cord from a
store, ensure that the phone conductors are cor-
rectly connected: 3-4 connection of the telephone
conductors/EURO CTR37.

Step 2: Setting up the handset

Fitting the battery pack
Fit the plug into the socket.
Insert the battery (see diagram below).
Place the battery leads in the cable guides.
Closing the battery cover
Place the cover on the battery compartment as
shown in the diagram, then push it up until it snaps
into position.
Opening the battery cover
Press down on the battery cover below its upper
end and slide the cover down.
guides so that the battery cover cannot
catch on the leads and damage them
when it is closed.
chargeable battery pack, i.e. never use a
normal battery pack as this could damage
your health and cause injury.
ers as this could damage the battery pack.
charging cradle that is intended for it.
Step 3: Registering the handset to the
base and charging the battery pack
Place your handset in the base with the display
facing forwards. The handset will now register
automatically to the base. For procedure see
page 5.
Charging the battery pack
To charge the battery pack, leave the handset in
the base for approx. ten hours. The battery pack is
now fully charged. The charge status of the battery
pack is correctly displayed only after uninterrupted
charging/discharging. You should not therefore
interrupt the charging process.
Charging is electronically controlled to prevent
overcharging. The battery pack heats up during
charging; this is normal and not dangerous. After
a time the charge capacity of the pack will
decrease for technical reasons.
You must set the date and time to ensure that the
times of calls are logged correctly (page 8). Your
telephone is now ready to use.
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Place the battery leads in the cable
Only insert the recommended re-
Never use non-Siemens battery charg-
Only place the handset in the base/
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