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● Be sure to install the bobbin so that the
thread unwinds in the correct direction,
otherwise the thread may break or the
thread tension will be incorrect.
The order that the bobbin thread should be
passed through the bobbin case is indicated
by marks around the bobbin case. Be sure to
thread the machine as indicated.
While lightly holding down bobbin with your
right hand as shown, guide the thread through
the slit (1 and 2).
• At this time, check that the bobbin easily
rotates counterclockwise.
Then, pull the thread toward you to cut it with
the cutter (3).
a Slit
b Cutter (Cut the thread with the cutter.)
The cutter cuts the thread.
• Make sure that the thread is correctly passed
through the flat spring of the bobbin case. If it
is not inserted correctly, reinstall the thread.
a Flat spring
Reattach the bobbin cover.
Insert the tab in the lower-left corner of the
bobbin cover (A), and then lightly press down
on the right side (B).
The lower threading is finished.
Next, thread the upper thread. Continue with
the procedure in "Upper Threading" (page 28).
You can begin sewing without pulling up the
bobbin thread. If you wish to pull up the
bobbin thread before starting to sew, pull up
the thread according to the procedure in
"Pulling up the bobbin thread" (page 36).
Winding/Installing the Bobbin 27


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