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Scanning Channels (T4900 Only); Advanced Scan (T4900 Only) - Motorola Talkabout T4800 User Manual

Frs/gmrs recreational two-way radio
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Scanning Channels (Model T4900 Only)
Use scanning to monitor channels and codes for transmissions or to find someone
in your group who has accidentally changed channels.
To start scanning, briefly press and release
When the radio detects channel activity, it stops scanning and you can hear the
transmission. To respond to the transmitting, press
Note: If your radio's Interference Eliminator Code is set to
radio checks for activity on each channel regardless of the code used on the
channel. If your radio's Interference Eliminator Code is set to
checks for activity only on channels using codes
ignores channels using code
Advanced Scan (Model T4900 Only)
If the radio stops scanning on a channel you do not want to listen to, briefly press
and release
Removing Channels from the Scan List (Nuisance Delete Feature)
To remove a channel so the radio does not stop on it while scanning, press and
channel from the scan list.
To restore the channel, turn the radio off and then back on.
Note: You cannot remove the channel your radio was set to when you started the
scan (called your home channel).
to resume scanning for the next active channel.
for at least 3 seconds, then release. This temporarily removes the
. The scan indicator displays
within 5 seconds.
while scanning, the
, the radio

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