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Special Features; Interference Eliminator Code; Push To Talk Timeout Timer; Locking The Keypad - Motorola Talkabout T4800 User Manual

Frs/gmrs recreational two-way radio
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Special Features

Interference Eliminator Code

Interference Eliminator Codes help minimize interference by providing you with a
choice of code combinations.
To set the code for a channel:
1. Press
until the code starts to flash.
2. Press
to select the code.
3. Press
to save the code setting.
You can set a different code for each channel using this procedure.
Note: You must set the Interference Eliminator Code to
Interference Eliminator Codes to communicate with other FRS radios that do
not have Interference Eliminator Codes.

Push to Talk Timeout Timer

To prevent accidental transmissions and save battery life, the radio emits a continu-
ous warning tone and stops transmitting if you press

Locking the Keypad

To avoid accidentally changing your radio settings, press and hold
or until
displays. You can turn the radio on and off, adjust the volume, receive,
transmit, send a call tone, and monitor channels. All other functions are locked.
To unlock the radio, press and hold
for 3 seconds or until
on an FRS radio that uses
60 continuous seconds.
for 3 seconds
is no longer

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