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Battery Meter - Motorola Talkabout T4800 User Manual

Frs/gmrs recreational two-way radio
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Battery Meter

The battery icon shows the battery charge level, from full
the battery is empty, the radio chirps periodically after releasing
off when the voltage drops below a predetermined level to protect the rechargeable
Note: Remove the batteries before storing your radio for extended periods of time.
Batteries corrode over time and may cause permanent damage to your radio.
Using the Desk Stand Charger (Optional Accessory)
The desk stand charger provides drop-in charging convenience for NiCd batteries and
can be placed on any flat surface, such as a desk or workbench. Charge the NiCd bat-
tery overnight (at least 16 hours) before using it for the first time. After the initial
charge, an empty battery is fully charged within 14 hours.
1. Turn the radio off and remove the battery cover.
2. Remove the battery pack from the clear plastic bag. Do not disassemble or unwrap
the battery pack.
3. Insert the NiCd battery pack so the metal contacts on the side of the battery are fac-
ing outward from the radio to connect with the contacts on the battery door.
4. Reposition the battery cover and press down to secure.
5. Plug the AC power supply into the plug on the desk stand.
6. Plug the AC power supply into a standard wall outlet.
7. Remove the battery pocket inserts from the charger pockets.
8. With a radio facing forward, slide it into one of the charging pockets.
to empty
. When
. The radio powers

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