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Features And Benefits - Makita BTW070 Technical Information

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eatures and benefits
Light weight and compact size body
Only 1.07 Kg (2.4lbs)
Overall length : only 162mm(6-3/8")
9.5 (3/8") Square drive
Light and durable magnesium
alloyed hammer case
Rubber protector (optional accessory)
can be installed for protecting work piece,
especially, the body of automobile
(Rubber protector)
Equipped with auto-stop system
If the power remaining drops to 20%,
the electric current is to be stopped automatically
to avoid incomplete tightening.
The condition of
power display lamp
Battery power remaining ( % )
in comparison with 170mm of Mod.6909D
The auto-stop functions here.
Easily operatable
variable speed
control switch
(1) Built-in memory chip
Each battery's own identity and history of usage
are recorded in the built-in memory chip
and the data are transmitted
to the built-in micro computer of the charger
to make the optimum charge.
(2) Slide type terminal
keeping steady contact against machine's vibration.
And the terminals prevent, structurally, unintentional
short circuit.
(3) Replaceable battery body
Battery case is replaceable, when only the case
is damaged, and the inner parts can be separated
from the battery case for recycling.
Newly developed compact and powerful
"D28 type" motor with following benefits
* Externally accessible carbon brush
* Replaceable armature
* Very efficient cooling structure
Reversible switch of push button type
The slim grip for easy operation
even with gloved hand
The body is assembled with
machine screws for easy
disassembling and repairing
Newly developed
9.6V Ni-MH battery "B9017A"
with power display
P 2 / 6