Troubleshooting - STARBUCKS Barista SUP021 YDR Operating Instructions Manual

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The appliance does not switch
The coffee is too cold.
No hot water or steam.
Coffee is dispensed slowly.
The coffee has little "crema."
(cream - froth layer).
The appliance takes too long to
heat or a limited volume of water
comes out of the nozzle.
The brew unit is jammed.
No coffee is dispensed.
Coffee is dispensed outside the
Coffee comes out too quickly.
Water comes out of the drip tray.
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The appliance is not connected to
the outlet.
The cups are cold.
The hole of the steam nozzle is
Coffee is too fine.
Dirty brew unit.
The blend is not suitable, the coffee
is not freshly ground, or is ground
too coarsely.
The circuit of the appliance is
clogged by scaling.
The brew unit is not snapped into
its housing.
Coffee grounds drawer in place.
No water.
Dirty brew unit.
Dose is too large.
Circuit not filled.
Programmed coffee level too
low .
The coffee dispenser is not fitted
The coffee dispenser is clogged.
Too little ground coffee inside the
ground coffee container.
Coarse coffee blend.
Dose is too small.
The drip tray is too full.
Connect the appliance to the
Heat the cups using the cup war-
Clean the steam nozzle hole with
a pin.
Change the coffee blend or adjust
grinding as specified in Para. 5.
Decrease the dose (Para. 6).
Clean the brew unit (Par. 10).
Change the coffee blend or adjust
grinding as described in Para.
5. Increase the dose (Para. 6)
Program on the PRE-BREWING
function ON.
De-scale the appliance.
Switch ON the appliance. Close
the service cover. The brew unit
automatically returns to its initial
Remove the coffee grounds drawer
before removing the brew unit.
Fill the tank with water and fill the
Clean the brew unit.
Decrease the dose.
Prime machine.
Reprogram coffee button to higher
volume ((Para. 7.3).
Refit the coffee dispenser.
Clean the coffee dispenser and
its spouts.
Fill the container with 7g of ground
coffee (not instant coffee).
Change the type of blend.
Increase the dose.
Check the position of the red indica-
tor and empty the drip tray.
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