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Control Panel - LG WD-1021WFH Owner's Manual

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Control panel

Rinse hold
¥ If you desire to
leave you fabrics in
the machine without
spining after rinse to
prevent them getting
winkled, you may
select rinse hold by
pressing the
(Rinse) button.
¥ To drain and spin,
press the
button or
button to turn off the
rinse hold lamp.
For manual wash, rinse
and spin speed
¥ Use these buttons to
change wash/rinse/spin.
¥ When lamp is off no
selection has been made.
¥ Prewash is available for
Coloreds, Whites, Synthetic.
¥ Once Child-Lock is set, all buttons are inoperable during operation.
¥ The Child-Lock system can be set at any time even including during Power-
Off, on Pause and operation. It is automatically cancelled when an operational
error occurs and when the cycle ends.
¥ When power is off, the LED indicates [
the program is paused the LED will indicate [
Wash program selector
¥ 6 programs can be selected depending
on the type of laundry.
¥ If the power button is pressed, Coloreds
program is automatically set.
¥ By pressing the
(Programme) button,
Synthetic] can be selected.
LED display
¥ Display the remaining time
(Hour : Minute) to finish.
¥ In case of abnormal operation,
error indications are displayed.
¥ See trouble shooting guide.
(Water Temp)
Water temperature selector
¥ Press the button to select water
¥ The water temperature [40¡¡ 60¡¡ Cold]
can be selected in Coloreds, Synthetic
¥ 95¡ is selected for Whites only.
¥ By pressing the button during operating the
washer, the present temperature is displayed.
] only. During operation, or when
]and the remaining time.
Error display
¥ The display blinks
if there is an error.
¥ no Inlet : Trouble
with water supply.
¥ Imbalance :
The laundry is
titled to one side.
¥ no Drain :
The drain filter is
clogged or the
drain pump is out
of order.
(Time Delay)
Door Lock lamp
¥ It shows whether the
door can be opened
or not.
¥ When the lamp is on,
the door canÕt be
Delay finish
¥ Press the button when delayed washing is needed.
¥ When the button is pressed, [
A maximum delay of [
¥ Each press advances time delay by one hour.
(Time Delay ) means the time required from
the present to the completion of washing.
Power button
¥ Press the button to
turn power on and
¥ Press the button to
cancel the delay
Start/Pause button
¥ Use the button to
start or pause
wash cycle.
¥ The power turns
off automatically
4 minutes after the
pause button is
(Door Open)
Door open button
¥ Press the button to
open the door.
¥ Only operates when
the power plug is
connected to AC
220-240V outlet.
]is delayed.
] hours can be set.



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