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Preparing Your Laundry; Adding Detergent - LG WD-1021WFH Owner's Manual

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Preparing your laundry

ƒUCheck pocket for any articles (coin, safety pin, paper clips, etc.)
ƒUClose zips and fasten button or hooks : loose belt or ribbons should be tied together.
ƒUNever wash whites and coloureds together.
ƒUFollow the wash code symbols on each garment label and manufacturerÕs washing instructions.
Soiled condition
Heavily soiled
Normally Soiled

Adding detergent

Where to place the detergent
§ §
ƒUPull out the detergent drawer.
ƒUPut the detergent and fabric softener
in the detergent drawer before washing.
ƒUClose the detergent drawer completely.
ƒUThe detergent should be used according to the instruction of the detergent manufacturer.
ƒUIf the detergent is used over the recommended amount too many bubbles will be generated thus causing an
inferior washing result. Which will cause malfunction.
ƒUUse detergent only for drum washing machine.
Detergent dosages
Do not exceed manufacturerÕs recommended
dosages as shown on the detergent package.
The amounts depend on
ƒUdegree and type of soiling
ƒUamount of wash
- full load : according to manufacturers'Õ instructions
- part load : 3/4 of the normal amount
- minimum load (about 1kg) : 1/2 the amount used for
ƒUWater hardness in your area.
- Pre wash
- Main wash
- Main wash
Detergent for
main wash
full load
Heavily soiled cottons : cold - 95¡£ C
Normally soiled cottons : cold - 95¡£ C
Colored cottons
Delicate fabrics
The drawer for fabric softener
¥ Do not leave the fabric softener in the detergent drawer for more
than 2 days. (Fabric softener could harden)
¥ Do not open the drawer during water fill cycle.
¥ Softener will automatically add during last rinsing cycle.
¥ Do not fill past MAX indicator.
¥ Do not use solvents (benzine, etc.)
Softener level
Detergent for
¥ Programs with PRE-WASH
pre wash
¥ MAIN-WASH only
Choosing the right detergent
The type of detergent depends on
ƒUthe type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, delicate items,
ƒUwash temperature
ƒUdegree and type of soiling
NOTE : use appropriate detergent only for wool
: cold - 60¡£ C
: cold - 60¡£ C
: cold - 40¡£ C
: cold - 40¡£ C



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