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Delayed Washing - LG WD-1021WFH Owner's Manual

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Delayed washing

Prepare the washing
§ §
§ §
ƒU Plug the power into the exclusive AC 220-240V outlet.
ƒU Turn on the water tap.
ƒU Put in the laundry and close the door.
ƒU Place the detergent and fabric softener in the drawer.
1. Press the
(Power) button
2. Press the
(Programme) selection button to select the program you require.
ƒUSelect the rinse, spin and the water temperature.
3. Press the
(Time Delay) button
ƒUSelect the finish time you require by pressing the
Time Delay setting.
Example) If you want to complete the washing after 5 hours, press the
ƒUMinimal 3 hours delay
ƒUTime delay is possible between 3 to 19 hours and not possible under 3 hours.
ƒUTime delay does not proceed during power failure.
ƒUAccording to the condition of water supply and temperature, the delayed time and the actual
washing time can be slightly different.
( Power ) button can be use to cancel the time delay.
ƒUEach press advances time delay by one hour.
4. Press the
(Start / Pause) button
ƒUAll lamps except the time delay and the remaining time display will be turned off.
The washing is completed at the selected time
ƒU Unplug the appliance and turn off the tap.
The washing program for when you go out.
If you are unable to unload the washing machine at the end of delay cycle, it is best not to select the spin
cycle or use
Rinse Hold
(Water temp)
(Time Delay)
Press the
(Time Delay)
ƒUThe washing will be completed after 5 hours
] .
(Time Delay) button.
(Time Delay) button and adjust the time.
Press the
button twice and
set the time to [
(Door Open)
(Time Delay )



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