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AEG X-SLIM 35 EC Operation And Installation Instructions Manual page 13

Shower water heater
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Operation Instruction
2. Pre-operation
(Only to be carried out by a
qualified installer).
Before turning on the power,
turn the rotary knob to the
"off" position then turn on the
water valve to maximum to fill up
the unit with water and flush out
the air pockets.
- Press the reset ELCB button to
prepare the unit for normal
3. Operation
- Open the water valve.
- The power light will light up
when there is sufficient water
flow through the water heater.
- To adjust the water temperature,
turn the knob clockwise to
increase, counter clockwise to
If, during a shower , the
water valve is closed (such
as applying soap to the body), sub
sequently the valve is opened again,
high water temperatures may occur.
To avoid risk of scalding, stay away
from the shower head discharge
zone momentarilly.
The hot water temperature
depends on the power of the
unit, the cold water temperature
and the flow volume.
for the user and the qualified installer
4. Care and Maintenance
When carrying out any work,
switch off the circuit braker
to isolate the electrical power and
cutt off the water connection.
All that is needed for cleaning of
the housing is a damp cloth. Do not
use any abrasive cleaning agents or
agents containing solvents.
Maintenance work may only
be carried out by a qualified
- Clean the filter
Disconnect water valve (Fig 7
number 19) and then clean.
Re-assemble in reverse order.
5. Important note
All the information in this
operating and installation
instructions manual must be
carefully followed.
These instructions provide important
details regarding the safety, operation,
installation, and maintenance of the
The appliance is not to be
installed in locations where
freezing can occur.



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