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Motorola SURFboard SVG2501 Product Manual page 4

Wireless voice gateway
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Enhanced Power Management
The SVG2501 offers a number of power management features,
including 802.11e U-APSD (WMM Power Save), which enable
users to optimize the battery life of their Wi-Fi handset.
A highlight of the 802.11e power management standard is
the synchronization between the SVG2501 and the Wi-Fi
handset. The Wi-Fi handset receives data from the SVG2501 at
infrequent intervals, allowing it to enter sleep mode when the
phone is not in use, thereby minimizing the phone's "on-time"
and improving its battery utilization.
Built-In Security
The SVG2501 is equipped with a number of security features,
802.11i security (WEP-64/128, WPA-PSK, WPA, WPA2, TKIP ,
AES, 802.1x)
802.11i (pre-authentication)
IPSEC/PPTP/L2TP NAT pass-through for VPN tunneling
Wi-Fi–Protected Setup
™ (WPS)
User-friendly, secure mobile pairing
Wi-Fi Wizard removes end-user complexity for secure
PC client setup
Push button configuration for WPS compliant clients
SURFboard SVG2501 Wireless Voice Gateway
Provider Benefits
Single-infrastructure delivery of multiple
One infrastructure for communication
services, providing the ability to offer
customers both residential and cellular
phone service, simultaneous use of phone
lines and high-speed data services, and a
single bill for their voice and data services.
Better coverage for more satisfied
Increased customer satisfaction from
improved in-home coverage, a key user
network quality metric.
Value-added service packages
Improved customer retention through
unique value-added services and the
packaging of mobile and landline phone
Flexible pricing options
Greater pricing flexibility resulting from
multi-service packaging and migration
of customers to higher-revenue/-margin
wireless offerings.
All-in-one solution for secure voice and
data services
A single product solution with support for
a variety of CLASS features provided today
by the phone company (e.g., caller ID, call
waiting, and call forwarding), advanced
routing features, and an integrated firewall
to help provide Internet security.
Consumer Benefits
Lower-cost cellular calls
Reduced cellular bill resulting from off-
loading the cellular air-interface when calls
are made from the Wi-Fi handset in the
home through the SVG2501.
Better Wi-Fi and cellular coverage
Improved in-home coverage and reliability,
which is often limited with cellular service.
Higher-quality cellular
Wireline audio quality when passed over
the SVG2501's Wi-Fi connection.
One-number convenience
Convenience of a single mobile number
and voicemail service, whether inside or
outside the home.


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